Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Fields
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Daily Practice

I found a wonderful photo reference on Wet Canvas of this rural farm and field of sunflowers. I simplified the scene and flowers and brightened the image to reflect a more sunshiney morning. All those greens is a good practice for the spring! LOL

But our weather is far from springlike. The wind is howling this morning, and the frigid temps make the day mighty uncomfortable. As light is just coming up over the college, I can see all the pine trees surrounding our office swaying and bending. We'll probably have to move to the brick building across the Arboretum to ride out the high gusts of winds we're expecting today.

The Mid-Atlantic is having snow, and C told me that it was snowing a bit in Oxford when he left this morning. The snow is not expected to accumulate at home -- but Washington DC is readying for another 12".

I have several classes to teach today, so I'm dashing to ready for them. It'll be another late night ....

Take care -- be safe.


Teresa said...

The wind is blowing and howling fiercely here. Even my birdfeeder - mounted on a 4" x 4" wooden pole that's held in place underground with concrete - is swaying back and forth! No sign of birds yet... they've all taken cover. Don't blame them!

Beautiful painting!

Teri C said...

A beautiful painting to enjoy on your cold snowy day!

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous soft painting -- love the light, the mountains and all that greenery -- plus the buildings -- great perspective and oh so inviting. We too have wind/snow/ice. Yuk. So cold. Can't wait for spring and I hope it's a long one!!

Take it easy gal and be safe,

Joan said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the greens and the trees almost hiding that Tuscan-looking building!!!