Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Umbrella Pines en route to Venice

Daily Practice

Funny thing about photographs. When I returned from Italy, I couldn't get enough of looking through, painting or reviewing my trip through the thousands of images I captured. After a while, I grew tired of painting from my own photos, and so put them away.

I was hunting for an image for Bill's next challenge and went through many of those same phoots -- and funny thing -- I saw NEW things in them I missed previously! Like this one!

I remember being utterly enchanted by those pine trees that looked like umbrellas ... I didn't get a chance to view them closely, but I remember snapping this one from the moving bus as we made our way to Venice. There's a small vineyard in front of the house, and those three 'umbrellas' as well as the traditional Tusan cedars ... so Italy!

It was a far better day yesterday than it has been the last few weeks, and I was able to get to my friend's before dark. We've a late workshop tonight and tomorrow night and I'm hoping the intensity of demands remains at the low end for the rest of the week. I"m still somewhat draggy -- this virus seems to linger forever! Sigh ...

Stay well ...


Lorraine said...

Lovely painting Lin and I really like the "umbrella" trees. Never hard them referred to as that. Utterly charming scene. Nice to once again see one of your Italy shots come to life! It is the highlight of my morning to see what you've posted each day!

Fighting to keep from getting Bruce's cold -- from the 50's to the 20's, from sun to rain -- great weather for catching things!

Joan said...

BELLA!!!!!!!!!! This is gorgeous...filled with light, color, and the loveliness of Italy! Isn't it funny how we can look through our photos so many times, and then finally one we've passed over so many times just jumps out and says, "Paint me!"

Have a great day!

Wendi said...

Hi Lin! I LOVE all of your work. It amazes me that you paint everyday! I want to be you when I grow up! "o) I think I may have asked you this before, but what size journal do you use?? Do you make it or buy it...? Also I was wondering what size brushes you use. Do you have a studio or do you paint anywhere? I'm very curious about your process, and any info you would be willing to share would be so appreciated. Thank you so much...for sharing your art and for indulging my questions!
:o) Wendi

Lin said...

Wendi -- thanks for your enthusiasm and support -- I tried to find an email to answer your questions, but couldn't find anyway to reach you .. I make my own watercoor journals -- sizes are 6" x 8 1/2" (small) and 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"(approx) -- I bind my watercolor paper and matboard covers with a spiral. I don't have a studio -- far from it! LOL I work out of town 4 out of 7 days -- so everything I paint with must be portable -- so I carry my brushes (everything from flats to rounds - 1" to 1 1/2" flat to size 12-6 rounds), my plastic portable paint palette (I fill the spaces with tube paint - winsor newton), and my journal ... plus some photo references because I often leave work and get to work in the dark! LOL

Hope this helps -- ifyou have more questions, include your email so I can answer! LOL