Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Waiting ....

Waiting ....
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Daily Practice

With rain predicted today, heavy winds tomorrow and more cold weather, sometimes I imagine that spring is waiting for us as much as we are waiting for it! This view of a park, sans people or animals, seems to be waiting for us to be there with picnic basket and laughter ... needing us as much as we, especially now, need it.

I'm looking forward to the leisure of picnics and walks in the park, warm sun and watching my grandchildren run and play in the grass.

It won't be long now .....

Stay warm ... and think SUN!


Lorraine said...

Ah, how I'd love to be right there too! We got lots of snow last night, yet again, and it's still bitterly cold.

Great job on the rocks Lin -- super shapes and shadows -- and a lovely, enticing painting overall.
Stay warm and safe,

Teresa said...

Painting is so pretty... but I hope Spring holds off for a while yet :-)

Teri C said...

This is so lovely and serene Lin. I think we are all in the mood for spring to get here!! It's even cool in AZ.

Joan said...

Ohh! The idea of warm sun and just walking into your painting and sitting down on the grass sounds so inviting. This is perfect!!! A lovely calm landscape!

We are awaiting snow...wonder if it will arrive this time. I'll have my camera ready just in case. Have a great day!!

Jona said...

Dear Lin, you made me dream of sunny spring with your words. :)

A beautiful watercolor. Amazing stones. They are quite a presence.

Have a beautiful day, Lin.