Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blossoms and Shapes

Blossoms and Shapes
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Daily Practice

My final additions (I think I went a bit overboard I'm afraid), was an attempt to add just 'a bit more' to bring the painting from vertical to horizontal -- I think I did achieve more horizontality ... but I'm not sure the background isn't too busy.
Yet, there's is something about this one that appeals to me.

This too is inspired by Karlyn's new book in which she emphasizes more and more interesting backgrounds.

I think what appeals to me in her new work is the blending of collage and watercolor. I began my visual art journey with collage and altered books -- things I still love but haven't 'played with' since beginning watercolors 4 1/2 years ago. So her new work combining the two really excites me.

I got some work done in the garden yesterday and I have one more day of rest -- yahoo!

Weather is changing again and we're in for some much needed rain. The pollen is still flying, but the dust is worse --- we do need a shower!

Take care!


Wezz said...

oh my goodness. I really REALLY love this one, Lynn! The colors, the shapes in the background, the flowers... it's all gorgeous! No going overboard in my book! LOL


Teri C said...

I love seeing your progression for this and I do love this one the best!