Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eno River State Park

Eno River State Park
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9" x 12"
Arches CP#140

Spring on the river ... sounds of gurgling, splashing water, bird song, frog croaks, turtles sunning on the rocks, fly fishermen in the stream, hikers along the trail, kayakers paddling - the kind of day that makes Spring -- spring!

Last Saturday, C and I visited this park - after more than a 12 year absence .... we often visit the county park miles up river -- but this weekend, we though we'd do some day-long hiking and spend the time outdoors. We were rewarded with sights, sounds, scents that just made the weekend extra special.

I had some time this weekend also to paint a larger work and I thought I'd commemorate the day with a focus on a portion of the river and only a 'few' of those enormous boulders!

Today, pine pollen covers EVERYTHING! Pines are wind pollinated, and therefore, must shed enormous amounts of pollen to insure that those fine grains find their mark. Walkways, cars, ponds, the top of the greenhouse -- all bear a yellow powder - it even floats in the air so that there's a bit of a 'haze' no matter where you look. We're expecting rain at the end of this week, and hopefully, the majority of this yellow tinging will be knocked down so we can all breath a bit better! LOL

I'm off for a daylong conference -- so I'll try to catch up tonight -- but it's two weeks of racing to prepare for the plant sale -- inside the greenhouse, outside on the grounds, vendors, donations, signs, on top of teaching and normal activities ...

I'm doubling my doses of iron!

Have a great day!


Joan said...

This is lovely!!! Excellent palette! What a great scene to paint. I can almost here the water in the stream!!!

Hope your day is great. I'm heading to NJ tonite and then driving with my sister down to my brother's house north of Atlanta. It should be a nice time to visit, and I haven't been down there for a while. Hopefully we'll get to paint a bit too.

Teri C said...

Just beautiful, springy and peaceful!!

Lorraine said...

Oh how beautiful Lin. Love the tree overhanging the water, and the rocks. But my favorite part is the water running over the smaller flatter rocks -- extraordinary! And the color of the water -- too perfect!!
Another "bravo" painting and description of your hike.