Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspired by Flowering Peach

Inspired by Flowering Peach
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Daily Practice

I've been under the weather this weekend - probably a virus of some sort, so I've not been painting as much as I normally do on the weekend. This piece was done several weeks ago when my peach trees were in full bloom. I tried to keep the splashes a bit simplier, with more white, and added the branches to indicate the tree. Though it was created much as the others, there was a definite 'plan' to keep more white space in the work.

We're moving toward the last few weeks of school and there's a lot to finish'll be a mighty busy week....

Take care and have a good one!


annie said...

I love all of these that you do, with or without white space, Lin, though I am looking to put more white and more space in my own work. So, of course, I especially like this because it is what I would like to do, myself. I study them over and over--are you still using the bristle brushes in your work?

Teresa said...

Hi Lin!

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Hope you're soon back to your usual perky self!

Lorraine said...

Oh, you work so hard and then you get sick, over and over, just like I used to. I'm so sorry dear friend.

Your painting is incredible. I love love love the color mix -- and the way the flowers appear with the colors and white space around them. Truly beautiful Lin.

Rest up; get well. Hopefully some vacation time and rest soon?

Cori Lynn Berg said...

This is really lovely. It's interesting when you look and see all these pieces together the variation that comes from the slightest change...

Joan said...

Sorry you are ailing!!! Take care of yourself. I like the loose look and colors in this. I'm going to have to try one like this.

Feel better and have a great day!