Monday, April 12, 2010

Inspired by Iris

Inspired by Iris
Originally uploaded by linfrye
12" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

The weekend was so beautiful that I spent most of it outdoors -- the garden didn't get tended, nor did I paint a lot, but simply to BE outside was enough.

My husband had a jam at the house yesterday in preparation for his group performing at our Plant Sale-a-Bration. I sat by our clump of iris and painted these. They're a blend of loose and controlled and a bit blotchy looking for my taste -- but it was too beautiful outside to be anywhere else.

This week is a race for us -- as we finalize preparations for Saturday's event. I'll be scarce and running -- so I hope to catch up as I can.

Meantime -- have a great week ....!


Lorraine said...

Very nice. I really am enjoying your experiments. It's so fascinating to see what you will try next and how it comes out. Irises are among my favorite flowers, especially the deep blue and deep purple ones with yellow centers. I once grew them but they didn't come up the next year. Do moles eat the bulbs?

Pace yourself this week and I'm glad you got out to enjoy the weather this weekend.

Joan said...

These are not too blotchy looking. They are really lovely. I'm jealous that your iris plants are blooming already. I hope something is in bloom in NY when I get back.