Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspired by Paints I Rarely Use -- and Orange Flowers

Dailyl Practice

I know each of us has a drawer or bag or corner among our paint supplies filled with the odd and end tube of paint that somehow came home with us -- a color we thought we'd like, left overs from a workshop, a paint tube trade that we thought we'd try.

I too have some paints that seldom find their way in any of my paintings -- I'm not crazy about the brand, the color is too garish, or I haven't figured out how to use a particular hue.

I thought I'd go through my own stash of 'don't know what to do with's' and throw together some colors that might work together.

While I like parts of this splatter play, I've discovered a few colors that I might be able to incorporate into my palette, It was a fun exercise and pretty challenging! LOL

Tonight is the judging of the juried art show I'm in and so C and I return to my county of work for an evening of entertainment. The weekend is going to be fairly busy as well with more plants to put into the landscape, grandchildren visits and other obligations.

After spending the week with temperatures near record lows (in the 30s, 40s!), we're expected a virtual heat wave that will come close to breaking the record HIGH temperatures! There are a lot of folks sporting colds with such weather flickliness!

Have a great day!


caseytoussaint said...

Wow - that's just beautiful, Lin. Such intense,gorgeous color!

Lorraine said...

Oh my those colors just jump off the page and the painting itself is such a joy to look at. I love the way the flowers come and go and the splashy effect. It is such a treat to come to view your blog each morning and enjoy another masterpiece. It's my daily visit to the art museum!!!

We've had a couple of hot sunny days but after today are in for several days of rain, which we need. Just hope it doesn't spawn tornadoes like a week or so ago. Have a great weekend. And I hope your painting gets the recognition it deserves.

Teri C said...

Good thing you looked at those colors cuz this is beautiful.

I just know you are going to win!!!!!!!!!!!

Joan said...

Ooooh!!! Splashy and colorful! Great idea to try paints that you don't normally use. Sometimes they become favorite colors or "colors of the moment." You do these so well.

Good luck with your jury entry. I've been matting & framing some paintings for a group show at the local library. I think I'm finally done and will go hang them tomorrow.

Have a great should be warm and sunny!!Maybe I can sneak in a few minutes in the sun between the show and the hospital. I sat outside today and read the felt like heaven!