Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inspired by Poppies

Inspired by Poppies
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Daily Practice

Plants! Music! Children! Food! Adults! Sunshine! Laughter! A FANTASTIC Sale-a-Bration and Festival yesterday! The crowds gathered early - 45 minutes before we opened the greenhouse doors - to purchase their spring and summer annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs. The larger plant material - shrubs, trees, azaleas, roses, a Silent Auction for Japanese Maples - all donated by our generous area plantsmen - were hauled to customers' cars on gators and golf carts, wheel barrels and wagons.

Considering that celebrations of Earth Day were also going on in almost every park and hamlet, as well as competing plant sales, we did exceptionally well -- and exceeded our sales from last year by $1,000! Our students did a phenomenal job in their public relations and sales; our board members and volunteers wrote receipts for 6 hours and worked like troopers for us -- my staff and I took photos, answered plant questions, worked out logistics, organized music changes,solved problems, food, transportation and the like --- and today, I KNOW we're all getting some much needed rest.

I have to give a huge public thank you to all who made this fund-raiser possible. We could not have done this without the incredible generosity of time and human effort by so many volunteers and dedicated staff.


My husband's and my day ended after 14 hours and a long drive home. And though my body cried for rest, my mind was still awhirl from all the day's activity. I sat at my art table and splashed paint - and found the water, pigment and concentration just the 'thing' to relax. I chose red for its energy - and what I needed to turn my mind from day's review to something else - and so these poppies.

Today and tomorrow will be a catch up on sleep day to return to work later this week for all the after-event obligations that still await us.

For now, our hearts are filled with gratitude, and we'll give our minds and body the rest they need.

Happy Sunday!


Lorraine said...

I'm so glad everything went so well at the plant sale. And I am truly amazed that you were able to paint, and so beautifully, after that long long day. Lovely poppies.

Enjoy your restful days.

Teri C said...

So beautiful and such good news about your sale!

Joan said...

Glad your sale went so well!!! I like the way you came home and "unwound." Gorgeous job on the poppies!!! They are so vibrant and full of life!

Have a great day!