Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Italian Door

Italian Door
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Daily Practice

Oh, the gardens yesterday were magnificent! The weather was incredible, a bit cool, but perfect for walking - flowers, live oaks, history, meditative gardens, ponds, swans, a wondeful seafood lunch, a moment to view the Atlantic, happy participants ready to sign up for another trip -- it was just what the doctor ordered!

We filled two vans with Arboretum guests and spent the entire day driving across the state, visiting Airlie Gardens, and then returned to classes and greenhouse clean upin the evening --

Today, it'll be meetings, paperwork and more catchup ...

I painted this door this week (I've painted it before) attempting to capture it in a more impressionistic way. I can see where I could have suggested a bit more, but it has the overall 'feel' I was attempting.

Hope your day is terrific!


Lorraine said...

It's lovely Lin and just the right amount of impressionism and detail. I love the colors and the way the rays of sun slant across the painting. It's so much fun to see this and compare it with your more detailed door paintings.

Glad you had such a great day yesterday.

Joan said...

I like your loose impressionistic foliage around that arched door. Super job!!

Glad your day went so well. We've been having a lot of rain, but since I've been indoors most of the week I don't really mind.

Have a great day!