Monday, April 19, 2010


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Daily Practice

This work was inspired by Karlyn Holman's new book "Watercolor Without Boundaries" -- An exciting, inspirational, inticing, stretching, extraordinary book (see that continues Karlyn's journey into creativity and watercolors.

One of her examples of flowers featured these colors and, thusly inspired, I decided to try the color combination on spring strawberries. The white strings are pieces of unryu paper rendered clear with YES! Paste. Karlyn's example included some watercolor stamping and pencil sanding, but I decided not to include those aspects in this piece.

Her book comes with a DVD (due to her studio this week) with corresponding exercises to her book. (No, I don't get any commission -- just a lot of pleasure supporting someone who has been instrumental in my growth! LOL) ...

If you do check her website -- check out her new "Lessons in a Bag" ... these are mini lessons taken from her book that are mailed to you with instructions and a full-size, pre-drawn sheet of watercolor paper (and any accompanying unryu papers or the like) so that you can take a mini 'dip' into Karlyn's book - much fun and an inexpensive way to see if you like these exciting watercolor approaches.

THANK YOU, Karlyn, for continued inspiration!!!

I really needed that spark yesterday as the impact of the last weeks' intense work hit hard. I'm still moving a bit slowly this morning -- but the chores await as do some much needed yardwork. Temps are somewhat cool - excellent for planting some of the shrubs I just HAD to bring home!

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

The painting is gorgeous and the strawberries look real enough to eat. Wonderful wonderful piece Lin. I've always loved Karlyn's work and the inspiration you derive from it. You've mastered this one!

I'll go to her site and have a look -- not that I've done anything with her other books LOL.

Joan said...

Rich and ripe looking!!! You seem to have learned so much from Karlyn! Now that my mouth is watering, I want something to eat. lol

Have a super day!