Sunday, April 25, 2010

Textured Pears

Textured Pears
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Daily Practice

I'm still playing with the ideas presented in Karlyn Holman's new book "Watercolor Without Boundaries". She suggests different methods of texturing, such as tissue paper collage. Instead of using tissue paper, I used Unryu paper while the painted pears were wet -thus pulling in and darkening much of the color. When dry, I glued the papers on with YES! paste, then added a bit more watercolor value to give the pears depth and shadow. I wanted the effect to remain 'loose' -- hence the papers 'outside the lines.'

We put in more tomatoes yesterday just before the rain gave the garden, and all of us, a bit of a dousing -- the water very much needed. We have another day of rain, and chances of rain next week. My fingers are crossed for good weather to take our rescheduled trip to Wilmington's gardens with Arboretum guests on Tuesday. Last year, we had thunderstorms and such heavy rains so intense, we had to turn back and cancel the trip.

Thank you for your birthday wishes for my granddaughter. I spoke to her last night and she was delighted with her party and turning FOUR!

Have a great day!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

i think i need to check this book out... i just love the work of yours coming from it! i love working with tissue paper .. and also saran wrap can do some fun things too...

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous and very creative Lin. I love the colors and the effect and that you are able to really "get outside the box" with these recent experiments from Karlyn's new book. Bravo!

Joan said...

SUPER!!!! I love this! The colors in the pears are awesome...the paper really absorbed the color deeply. I like the papers going outside the lines gives it a unique look. My hat is off to you!!