Friday, August 24, 2012

More FUN!!

More FUN!! by linfrye
More FUN!!, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

Holidays are continuing as wonderful as the weather! We've enjoyed some splendid days with sunshine and breezes, mild temperatures and utterly delightful views! It's hard to believe my eyes when I see sunfllowers still in bloom, peonies and roses bright and cheerful, and even sweet peas ... an early spring bloomer for me ... still looking fresh as spring itself!

We've been to castles and towers, town squares that are so wonderful with outdoor cafes, gelato, and those heavenly brotchen that I can't get enough of! We've enjoyed decadent waffles topped with cherries and whipped cream and ice cream, walked up dozens of hills, even found heather growing along the lake we visted.

We've been sketching along the way, painting as well, seen some incredible churches, a panoramic photography exhibit that was AWESOME, was entertained by the kindest fellow who demonstrated 6-7 replicas of authentic German trains -- as they ran around his HUGE outdoor track. And we laughed and laughed as each train made individual announcements complete with correct accents! We heard sound effects from the miniature farm, the fire department, the ambulance and more. We giggled until our sides ached!

We've enjoyed our trips around town and tonight a visit to the most amazing mosaic artist and her garden of mosaic globes. WOW.

It has definitely been a trip of a lifetime and a visit with a dear friend who has become a sister.

What absolute grace.


Lorraine said...

Sounds like the trip of a lifetime -- and you're making me hungry!! What a terrific variety of wonderful things to see and do. I can't wait to see all the glorious paintings that come out of this trip.


Big hugs,

Joan T said...

I am so glad you are really enjoying your trip!!! That is so great!