Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Veggies

A few more vegetable sketches for the monthlong challenge.

I've had to rely on photos for these as our vegetable bins are empty and the garden has been forgotten due to all the hours we are spending at work.

Good thing they serve veggies where we go out to eat!


Teri C said...

Now I know why I always get hungry when I visit your's those wonderful vegetables!!! Gosh, I havent' had a beet in awhile, now I need to go get some. Wonderful job Lin.

Shelly McC said...

gorgeous drawings!

Linda said...

Lin, Lin, Lin ... I don't come by for a few days and it looks like it's been a month! You are the most productive artist I know!
:-) These are ALL really great!

Terri said...

Beautiful beet! They are such robust vegetables and such wonderful colours too. :o)

starrgirl's world said...

these are absolutely charming!