Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Margaret Roseman Workshop

Margaret Roseman Workshop
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It was a busy, busy weekend, but one thoroughly enjoyed! My last workshop was with Margaret Roseman (www.margaretroseman.com) to help with my continuing struggle with getting values correct the first time.

Margaret is an excellent instructor who began our fast-moving three hours with theory explaining how light worked, how it moved through value changes around variously shaped objects.

We then each drew from references we brought or she had -- while she helped each of us correct our drawings.

Margaret then demonstrated how she added various richly pigmented paints to her painting, increasing value changes as she painted -- and then it was our turn to give it a try.

We were using dabs of Holbein Paint -- our palettes didn't arrive on time and so we were using palette paper -- a bit difficult to maneuver. I have to say that by this time in the weekend's activities, I was sorely tired! and so I had a bit of trouble getting on paper what I wanted to do -- OR a complete reflection of what Margaret was teaching. I wound up getting her lessons applied to the POT -- but completely missed the free, more abstract approach to the flowers.
Instead, I put on paint, took off paint, lifted, molded, and finally decided that it was the best I could do for now.

Still, her approach, richly applied paints, less fussing, a bit of abstract, large shapes first, values following the light, were all excellent, and ones I need to incorporate.

I have one more for tomorrow..


Tami said...

Linnie, your flowers are fine! This overall painting just sings! I may have to do a bit of looking to see what kind of workshops might be available here to help me with some of those same issues.

Lorraine said...

What a neat idea -- seems like it would take a lot less time and be just as effective. It certainly seemed to work in your painting -- in the flowers and leaves as well as the pot -- can't see what you are disappointed in. One of those cases of trying to "copy" what you see perhaps?
Wow; you had some great classes.

Karen said...


The big lesson from the weekend - about using richer paint and less glazing and fussing - is a really important one and there's nothing like seeing a teacher do it live to encourage us to be daring. Thanks for sharing some of your lessons with us.

How wonderful to have so many terrific teachers to learn from - and your work shows your growth with great results.

caseytoussaint said...

This is wonderful - the colors are rich, and you are painting with such assurance! At least that's the impression this painting gives.

Linda said...

Hmmmm... I dont' know what part of the lesson you missed. This may be the best painting of yours so far! Wonderful depth and values. WOW!!!!

Jana Bouc said...

This is gorgeous and doesn't show your tiredness at all. I can never make anything worthwhile in classes and workshops. It takes time and space for the learning to sink in for me.

mARTa said...

LOL, I'm a bit envious of your recent workshops and what wonderful work you are producing in conjunction with them! This one striking!

Marie-Dom said...

Beautiful and lots of light.
Nice work.
MD xxx