Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Maple

My Maple
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Yesterday was cool, still rainless, but the reds in the trees are about as brilliant as they're going to be this year. Some of the yellows are beginning to fade as the temperatures cool more and more. I simply HAD to try to capture this unusual fall one more time.


Lorraine said...

Even if fall were not my favorite time of year, I would be totally blown away by this painting -- the soft details -- doesn't make sense when I say it but that's what I see -- just gorgeous -- tree, foliage, grasses, colors. Bravo!!!

laureline said...

Just beautiful, Lin. At last, the fall is becoming pretty. More rain, though, please? Your reds here are perfect.

Teri C said...

Beautiful colors in this! Wowee!!

Linda said...

Lin, this is just perfect. You caught that particular maple red, too. ;-)

I'm with Laura -- more rain please?

Ujwala said...

you've captured your maple so beautifully. love the colours!

Africantapestry said...

your maple is stunning is really on fire!!