Tuesday, November 20, 2007

View from the Live Oak Room, Azalea Inn, Savannah, GA

Ah - sketching from the road -- I can't admire more those folks who STOP their touring, seeing, tasting, walking, exploring to actually stop long enough for a quick sketch !!!! Somehow I just can't do that fast enough -- or satisfactory enough --- There's awayys something more to see around the corner, a photo to take, a cafe to visit, a sample of this and that, a shop to see ... and before you know it, the day has evaporated and my sketchbook is empty! I think NEXT year's art resolutions will include learning to sketch FAST ... or at least faster than I promised myself to do this year.

I also have the problem of keeping something a 'sketch' without trying to make it a finished painting ... another lesson for my growing resolution list ... sigh!

Anyway, yesterday morning, early as the sun was just rising, I decided to sketch SoMEThinG HERE and NOW! LOL So I opened the blinds on the window/door and sketched the view to the private porch that sits in the embrace of a huge live oak tree. I managed to get the sketch about done before it was time to shower, dress and eat a fabulous breakfast ....then when we came home from walking through the historic district of Savannah and the riverfront and after eating at Lady and Sons (Paula Dean's famous restaurant) for a nap --- I managed to paint a bit -- shadows and lghting from an overfed memory! LOL

There is another chair, small sofa and table on the porch where C later practiced his guitar ... but again, not having all things I tend to rely on at my disposal (lightiing, table, etc.) and that live in my studio -- this was the best I could do !! LOL

The door/window --- if you look to the bottom right of the sketch, you'll see a small drawing of the door/window that leads out to the porch. It was explained to us that back in the 1800s when the house was built, the owner paid taxes on each entry or door --- so this simple device was created ... the bottom 1/2 or 1/3 of the door/window, is split and opens side to side, while the TOP 1/2 of the door/window rises ... to give way to ample room to enter or exit the room. It's covered by a long blind and curtain ... and so looks for all purposes like a large window over wood molding ... very clever.

We have another morning here and then head to Florida and to my excited mom .... the weather has been incredibly gorgeous --- 60s and low 70s ... sunshine -- though GA needs the rain as much as we do in NC ...


Lorraine said...

Lovely lovely sketch! I love the colors and the detail on the chair. Such a nice description of your time there too. You'd make a wonderful travel writer and illustrator -- just think -- you could "do" Ialy and Sicily!!!
Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving,

Lynn said...

This is such a calm and peaceful sketch. I really like it. I totally understand your difficulties with "on the road" sketching. I, too, would love to be able to dash off a quick sketch of people in a coffee shop without having to make such a big production of it. I'll join you in that goal for next year!

Teri C said...

What a wonderful painting Lin! Great color and lots of 'mood' in the piece.

Linda said...

Great! What a neat bit of trivia about the doors, too -- that's interesting!
And you ate at Lady and Sons ... oh my, no wonder you needed a nap!

Tami said...

Wow, Lin!!!! If this is,"the best you can do" with a sketch, I'm impressed! This is beautiful; great for the basics for a "finished painting" later and a lovely addition to you sketch book. I fully relate to the need to get quicker with my sketching.

Sandy said...

Oh I love this sketch!