Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flowers at Butterfly House

Flowers at Butterfly House
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I don't know of anything more joy-filled than meeting up with other artists to sketch together!

Yesterday, Florence ( and I met for the first time at the Durham Museum of Life and Science Butterfly House. I had been to the Butterfly House previously to sketch with Sue ( and knew that it provided not only a wealth of sketch material, but a bit of a warm, inviting oasis to get to know someone a bit better.

Florence and I met thru Flickr and she lives nearby. We're hoping that once things calm down for us, we can get Laura and Sue to join us for another mini sketch crawl!

At any rate, we had a ball! Since it was Saturday, the Museum was packed with families and children, and the butterfly house was no exception. As she and I sat on a bench sketching and chatting, butterflies were released and the kids went wild (and we missed it all!! -- a bit involved in our sketching for sure! LOL), families, strollers, photographers all came and went, and we seemed oblivious to everything but chatting and sketching the beautiful plants (IN BLOOM!!) all around us!

We ate at the cafe on the property and promised to do this again soon! FUN!!

The flowers above were so lovely -- pale yellow against all this GREEN -- soft bristly, erect flowers -- not sure what tropical plant it is -- but I sure loved it!

Take a look at Florence's beautiful sketches (addy above) -- she can draw anything!!

I just LOVE days like this!


Lorraine said...

Oh what lovely little flowers. I am amazed that you were able to keep your head together to paint with all that going on around you! Sounds like a fun day -- I wish you many more of these and more often!

Teri C said...

It sounds like a fun and perfect day! love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds so wonderful and the painting is so lilting (I'm not sure what that means but the word just came to me and seemed right). I have a little tip for you: When you want to add a link to someone, type their name, highlight it and then click on the little symbol above the text window that looks like an earth with a link at the bottom. It will open a window that says something like "Enter URL". Paste or type the URL you want to link to the name or words and click OK. If you click Preview you'll see your new bright and shiny link.