Monday, February 11, 2008

Poppy Cluster

Poppy Cluster
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Daily Practice

I was trying for something a little different yesterday -- I think if I were to do this over, I'd add a bit more contrast around the poppies -- though in the real, the dark greens are a bit darker and contrast better than in the scan.

We had a very interesting night --- as we were eating dinner, one of my neighbors called to say there was a wildfire out of control not 1.5 miles from us ..... As I hung up the phone, another neighbor came pounding on the door saying that we may have to evacuate, that the fire was directly behind his house. (We live in a cul de sac and the fire was across the road from the woods at the top of the hill behind his house -- a matter of a dozen acres of woodlands between us.) Since the winds were so high and we've been without rain, this danger was a real threat.

We spent the next hour locating our 'most valuables' and piling them into our vehicles, frantic, scared and worried. Fortunately, since we face hurricanes as a threat on an annual basis, MOST of our 'must have's' were close at hand -- nonetheless, there's always 'one more thing' we'd couldn't live without or replace and these had to be located.

After an hour, my husband went to see the fire -- and indeed it was close. We knew there'd be no rest ... so we stayed by the phone and tried to calm ourselves.

By 11:00 pm, we took another ride to the fire line ... and were told the fire was contained and that it was safe to go to bed. We did, finally, the adrenalin having left us -- but it wasn't a very restive night.

This morning, it looks as though the fire is still smoldering ... but for now, we were extremely fortunate -- and I'm deeply grateful. And so, if it happens again, this threat, just WHAT would we take with us? And how FAST could we load the car? And where would we go?

I know I'll be changing a few things about where we keep our 'musts' and how fast we can access them --- and I know, too, that I'll never be able to hear of another disaster without feeling that same dread and sadness ... but for now, I'm breathing deeply ...


Lorraine said...

I like the way the poppies are detailed against the "looser" greens. Another lovely one!
Am SO glad you are both okay and the fire didn't get to your home. What a terrible ordeal.

Teri C said...

OHMYGOSH Lin, what a terrifying experience!! Be sure you put some art supplies in your area of 'must saves'.

Wonderful poppies.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

So glad things worked out for you... how very frightening.

Lovely poppies.

Anonymous said...

What a scary situation to be in. Every second must have been heart throbbing. Glad that your family is safe.

The red poppy flowers stand out regally in the midst of that soft background. The poppy buds popping out here and there are also well done.

Joan said...

Lin, I'm so glad the fire was contained. I have relatives who have had to evacuate several times due to the wildfires in San Diego. It has got to be so terrifying!

Your poppies are lovely. I like the contrast of color you have in this one. Nice job!

Sandy said...

So glad they are safe - Very interesting sketch! I love poppies

Linda said...

How scary! Were you surprised at what you considered to be your most valuable possessions once it came right down to it? At any rate -- I'm VERY glad you are okay!

Patti G. said...

Lin, I love the poppies and I pray that the fires stay far from you sweetie! You are in my heart as always!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Great poppies-stay safe!
hugs, chris

laureline said...

Lin!! I'm just now reading the story of the fire!! How horrible! I'd had a weather alert on my computer for a few days, relating to the wind and dry conditions being ripe for fire, but I had not heard about the one near you. My heart is in my throat. I'm so relieved to hear that you and yours escaped danger. And I'm, as always, praying for rain.

Anonymous said...

Phew! I'm relieved you're OK. I think this painting is lovely and has a sort of Victorian formality about it...different from your usual style but delightful nonetheless.

Jona said...

Oh God, what you don't say. Thanks God everybody is fine and the fire didn't spread any further. Kinda scary to hear that you are in hurricane alarm often. May it stay just an alarm!!!

Your poppies look really tender. Like the cold green a lot.