Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia
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Finally! After two weeks and two days of total absorption with fixing my computer -- things are about back to normal -- !!! YEAH! Relief, gratitude, and finally too, eight hours of sleep! Apparently my computer addiction, or more honestly, my connection to you, my friends, and fellow artists whom I turn to for inspiration and companionship seemed so threatened when my computer wouldn't gear up and work correctly. I don't know if that is more a sad commentary of dependency or simply the reality of how we communicate across vast distances of time and miles and an acknowledgement of the 'global' connection between us ... in any case, I am so very grateful to have my computer operating again!!!! And a bit of sleep to get me past the fog I have been in ...!

I do need to humbly and sadly inadequately, thank you for your most overwhelming kindness for my fog painting yesterday. I am truly, deeply honored by your comments, and profusely thank YOU.

To this painting ... As I drove to Smithfield yesterday, again, as I said in my own 'fog' from sleep deprivation as well as the fog of remaining humidity from our rain (yeah rain!!), the signs of spring greeted me!! From emerging buds on the maples, spirea just blooming white, forsythia brightening the roadside with yellow, and here and there -- especially at the Arboretum--our Saucer Magnolias are showing this incredible pinky/purple/white ... and I so wanted to capture that incredible sight!
I worked on painting this Friday as I waited for the technican to restore my computer's health ....

Spring is definitely making its way here -- though, as ususal, cold threatens our blossoms and resultant fruit ... temperatures will reach the freezing point again today and tomorrow ....perhaps this fickle weather is what makes the spring blooms even more precious ....


Tami said...

Saucer Magnolia's are my absolute favorite of the flowering trees! You have used such soft gentle tones in this painting, it feels like spring! As to your "addiction" to the computer; I feel the same way, if I can't go on line, I feel cut off from my art support system and the friends that I have met on-line out there.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

This is beautiful!!!
hugs, chris

Lorraine said...

Oh I can almost smell their fragrance -- beautiful painting! We had one next door for years and I loved to "visit" it and then the neighbor cut it down!!! So I'm especially glad to see your representation posted!

Connie said...

I have enjoyed your site for quite some time now and was curious as to what area you live in. Usually when I enjoy other artists' work, they will be far away in other states. The first time I noticed location specifically was when you painted at the Cates Farm. I spent a lot of time across the road and the Cates were truly incredible people. I live in Burlington now. Are you close by?

Your work is inspiring.


Teri C said...

I LOVE these magnolia blossoms-we have some in Wisconsin and the wonderful smell , ah. A beautiful painting Lin!

Lin said...

Connie -- I don't know how to contact you -- but yes, I'm about an hour from you ... can you email me? or send me your email addy?


Connie said...


I don't see your e-mail - maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. Mine is