Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shack based on Ron Ranson

Shack based on Ron Ranson
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Yesterday was one of those miserable, can't paint for anything kind of day, so I was glad I had worked on this one late Friday night.

I'm watching and reading some of Ron Ranson's books ( -- trying to learn to 'simplify' the scene, learn more about composition, and that elusive thing called "no fiddling'! LOL I based this painting on some of his suggestions.

I like much of Ron's work ...and would like to blend some of all the things I'm reading and trying ... I suppose that's the goal for each of us -- make our 'own' those things we like and that work for us.

This painting is based on the same photo I used for the one posted yesterday in David Bellamy's style. Isn't it interesting how different they look? LOL

I hope today's a better painting day. I know we each have those frustrating days, especially when we are trying to learn something new ... but they sure use up a lot of time, paint, paper and energy! LOL


Jona said...

Oh, wow, Lin, for me this is perfect!!

Lorraine said...

Oh it is so lusciously loose and free looking. ILOVE it!
Remember, we are rarely satisfied with our own work, especially after we have worked and worked on it. I can look at it with fresh eyes and find it perfect!

Teri C said...

Looks great Lin! Loose and colorful and beautiful.

Shanti Marie said...

your work is getting better! nice choice of colors.

Carol said...

I really like this. I too struggle with simplification, but this is wonderfully loose and colorful.