Monday, February 04, 2008

Skate Key

Skate Key
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It's been as many years as my granddaughter Emily has been living since C and I went roller skating! We used to skate 4 to 5 times a week when we were serious skate-dancers thinking about competition, but especially since my work has me out of town 4 out of 7 days, finding the time (and energy) to get to the rink just seems impossible these days. So we were delighted to return to a sport we both love for Emily's fourth birthday party.

Some say anything we love, leave for a while and then return to, is like getting back on a bike -- it all comes back. Well -- sort of. We're also four years OLDER, with a bit more creaks and stiffer joints than we had before! LOL So getting back on eight wheels was a challenge -- but oh, it felt marvelous! The first couple of turns and our first dance together had BOTH of us shaking and hearts racing ...! We were as rusty as this old key! But after 30 minutes or so we got some of our 'skate-legs' back and managed to stop trembling each turn we took!

It was fun --! But did require a bit of a 'catch-up' nap when we got home!

The skate key was sketched quickly with an eye to trying a more relaxed, 'painterly' method of painting ... mercy, it's like learning to skate all over again! Fun -- but a bit on the rusty side!


Teri C said...

A great key that unlocks wonderful memories!

Carol said...

I use to keep mine on a string around my neck...spent many happy hours...thanks

Joan said...

I'm glad you got back to do something you enjoyed so much! I like the way this is against the writing.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This really strikes a key for me. Such fun memories. I could almost feel your exhileration.

Lindsay said...

This is a wonderful post. I can just imagine you both dancing on wheels!!! I love it that even though you may have a bit of creaky well...stuff, you still went on. It sounds so romatic, sweaty but romantic.

Linda said...

A skate key! I hadn't seen one in a LONG time. Yesterday I saw one in a painting in a magazine and today I see yours. And you DANCED! What fun!

Lorraine said...

Very good drawing of the key and you've captured the rusty look so well. I loved reading your story -- good for you grandma -- on the skates again. Whew -- you are a brave one!!! Glad you all had a great party.

Anonymous said...

I love the story and the key--I have great memories of my old skates and keys.