Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SPRING IS COMING! Hyacinths in bloom!

At the Arboretum, signs of spring, despite drought and 30F temps, are popping up! Crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths greet us each day as we make our way, still in our winter coats, thru the walkways to our offices.

Last fall, we planted several hundred bulbs -- from crocuses to tulips to daylillies -- and now, at last, they're beginning to show themselves!!! And we hope with the coming spring and new blooms, the rains will bless us all!

I have a favor to ask -- if you don't mind. At the Arboretum, we're in the process of developing a 'Southern Garden." But DEFINING such a garden, the design and plants it might contain, is not something that is clearly defined in anyone's mind. We all have our 'idea' of what constitutes or would constitute such a garden, but we're asking for input from YOU -- whether you're from the south (USA) or not -- so, if you get just a moment, would you mind answering three simple questions at our website: and clicking on " Garden Survey." You'll be taken to a 'survey monkey' for the following questions: "What is a southern garden," "What would it look like," and "What plants would you find there."

THANKS SO much for your kind support and generosity -- and for helping us decide how to proceed on this project. I, for one, have added 'hyacinths' to MY list of plants I'd like to see in a Southern Garden!

Again -- many thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Good one, Lin. Nice range of shades.

Teri C said...

Beautiful flowers Lin. Sorry, no survey from me, I only know north and southwest and I don't think you want any cactus there :)

Joan said...

Lin, Lovely shades in these hyacinths! Can't wait to see them popping up here.

Lorraine said...

Just beautiful. You always do flowers so well! It is SO cold and windy here today that your drawing/painting is really a breath of spring. Rain and snow on the way here so maybe it will move in your direction to water those bulbs!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous, Lin. I find Hyacinths a real challenge - you've done them beautifully.

I missed painting the one I forced in the fridge and then on the bathroom windowsill. Now I see two poking their heads up in the garden. I'd better get ready!

Lindsay said...

Waaaaa. No spring here! Just 18 degrees and 3 inches of snow. You give me hope....Beautiful flower too