Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Wood

Spring Wood
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Yesterday was one of those frustrating art days -- when you have something in your head, but just can't reproduce it on paper ...sigh.

This attempt was to be a landscape highlighting the bright PINK of the prunus trees now blooming in our region -- how they poke thru all the green of the pines and the bit of dark red on the maples just budding out. In reality, the COI tree IS pink, but no matter how I tried to adjust the scan (or photo I took), it still looks far more red than it truly is.

We're having rain today -- YEAH -- not a lot, but some and that should help the buds that are breaking into leaf and blossom ...


Lorraine said...

Even though the scanning is frustrating, the painting is lovely. I always remember how neat it was to fly into the Charlotte airport and to look down and see all the white dogwoods against the green fir trees. Lovely one Lin. I also like the path taking your eye to the back of the painting. Rain here too; and then another one of those weeks of sleet, snow, rain, repeat; but I'm not complaining as many counties here still need rain.

caseytoussaint said...

Noting I see in my head ever quite comes through on paper, ever!
This is lovely, though - those prunus tees must be a great sight to see in early Spring.

Teri C said...

A beautiful landscape with those Just beautiful!pink trees among the green. H

Tami said...

Sounds like a scanner problem rather than an artist problem unless both were happening at the same time (YUCK!. I like the picture anyway.

My computer was having problems getting out on the internet so I could'nt comment on your last painting. The way you do the rounded forms and the variations in the color on the shrubs like that is just neat! I loke that whole picture!

Linda said...

I really like this -- very springlike, and I expect the gang from Watership Down to come hopping across the page just any moment. :-)