Monday, February 04, 2008


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Not as 'clean' as I had hoped -- it was a busy weekend -- but one that frustrated me art-wise ... sure hope that passes quickly!


Teri C said...

Gorgeous colors and beautiful sun! WOWEE Lin!

Sandy said...

Just gorgeous, Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

All these last paintings are so beautiful Lin...I love the cabin you did a couple of posts ago. And the colours here are absolutely amazing!I think you can take a break from the frustration from the weekend and just enjoy these beautiful paintings you did!

Joan said...

Linn, This is lovely!! I love sunsets (and sunrises). I have a postcard exchange to do and I'm thinking of doing that as a theme. Super, lovely colors!!

Desiree said...

I love this one, I have seen many sunsets lately, I just did one too! It must be that time of year. I think you captured it beautifully.

Jona said...

The part with the sun and it's reflections is so appealing that makes me wish I'd be inside your painting right now.
A very relaxing one. Well done.

Lorraine said...

Oh is is extraordinary! I love the colors and the skeletal tree against the background and your sun shining across the background is just perfect. I could look at this one over and over and over!