Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thank you so much Sherry~~!!! For the award and honor!

Last week, Sherry honored me with this award ---

But unrelenting computer problems and weekend work kept me from responding..... So again, thank you Sherry!

The only problem I find with these awards is the limit set for the number of folks to whom I can pass it along -- for surely, as I've posted in my earlier post this morning, my connection to friends I've met thru flickr and this blog from around the world, is so very important to me -- that the threat of that loss, the connection to my friends, has kept me losing sleep until my computer was repaired!!! LOL

So in order to be fair to my heart -- I'd like to pass this along to those of you whose blog or website is listed on this site -- as well as those of you who've been so generous with comments and suggestions for my travels along this journey we call learning .... Each of you has my utmost respect, friendship and love ... along with my gratitude ...

Pass it along, my dear hearts .... we truly are enriched by one another so very much .... and thank YOU, Sherry, for so very generous ...

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Felicity said...

No-one deserves it more than YOU, Lin!! :)

(I've answered your comment on my blog btw.)