Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Daphne

Winter Daphne
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Rain -- at last --! We rejoiced last night as the rain began -- slowly at first, then more consistent, and finally, a welcome, WELCOME steady pour that not only was so needed for the drought, but assured us, that yes, the fire would be out. WHEW and THANKSGIVING!

And at long last, a good night's sleep.

Despite the drought and smoke, my winter daphne is just opening its small pink buds and effusing the air with the most heady perfume! I sketched this blossom several times -- this one was done in watercolor trying for looseness and a simplification of its many buds.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts .... we are ever grateful .....!


Lorraine said...

Love the delicacy of this one and how wonderful that it's fragrance should come just when you need to get the smoke out of your nose! YEAH for the rain.

Linda said...

I'm so glad for you all that it rained! I'm putting Winter Daphne on my list of plants to try out ... I wonder if it would thrive in our area? It sounds so fabulous, and both of your paintings of it are wonderful!

Jona said...

So glad to hear that everything is fine!! :)))
(Replying to each red post, should have red them one after another, than reply.)

Very nice leaves in this sketch.