Sunday, March 02, 2008

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince
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We had a great time at the children's museum -- Emily and Nick found all the toys, slide (they ran up and slid down over 40 times!), dress up areas, train, cars, arts and crafts and the other children suffiently entertaining to spend most of their exuberant energy! And in a grandparently way, each adventure for them provided us with a large amount of amusement and laughter!

After we took them back home, and had a well deserved nap! LOL, I thought I'd try for a leisurely, if tired, attempt at painting. But looseness and leisure evaded me again, and so instead I went with what the 'muse' decided I was going to do last night --- this painting of a flowering quince (in full bloom at the Arboretum and just opening here at my home), which became almost a botanical study of the plant.

I wasn't sure about adding a background -- so it sits on my shelf until I can decide.

I'll try for loosness again today -- and hope the muses will add their help ! LOL


wagonized said...

No background necessary, Lin -- this is a gorgeous painting, the kind i'd like to frame in a series. Keep them coming!

Lorraine said...

Well it might not have been what you were trying for but it's beautiful. I especially love the way the leaves are shaded and the contrast between the leaves and the flower. What you lost in looseness you gained in a beautifully formed detail. All it needs now is a mat and frame!!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I really like this, Lin! It is simple, perfect-I agree with the other poster-mat and frame!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with Charles and the grands!
hugs, chris

Teri C said...

Just beautiful Lin. I agree with France, you don't need a background.

Tami said...

I don't think you need a background either. You can loosen up tomorrow, for today, this may be tight but it is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean, I am going for the third attempt on a painting of daffodils against a fence. I am insisting that it be loose! Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow...