Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Garden

A Garden
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This landscape took a while -- as I tried several times to simplify the flowers, hedges, and shrubs.

I have to say it looks so much better and brighter in person ...

I used ink to help define the statue and lost her at first to too much shading. I reclaimed the white in the statue with a bit of Indian ink.

Back to work today -- Today is also the reception for the artists displaying their work at the Community College System office ...! My first participation in such an event!


Lorraine said...

Well the time it took was worth it Lin. It's just gorgeous; so many fine details and the statue came out very well. It's a nice detail against the softer flowers and shrubs. Have fun with the art show. I know you will receive lots of great comments!

Tami said...

This Is lovely! Statue looks great! Hope you have a wonderful time at the reception and congratulations, again!

Joan said...

I like the way you used the ink to help the statue stand out. Nice job on the flowers and bushes too. Enjoy the art show! It is a lot of fun to have your art displayed.

Teri C said...

The colors just sing!! Gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice seeing photos of you and your granchildren...they look like little angels with their blond curls!
and you did great in this painting, you have such nice detail, I nalos think the staue turned out well. good luck in your show..enjoy!