Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pennys Bend, Eno River, NC

Pennys Bend, Eno River, NC
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Funny thing about scanning photos and posting them -- somehow between the paint drying, the scan, and the upload, the paint either lightens or darkens but doesn't look QUITE like the original -- sigh ---

This image is a bit lighter than the original, but I purposefully kept the feeling of the piece on the light side to represent the day we took the grands for a walk along this part of the Eno River. I am tending to get a bit heavy-handed and muddy lately, so I suppose I was trying extra-hard to have that NOT happen! LOL

The Eno River Association has as its goal to purchase all the land adjacent to the length of the river in order to keep the river healthy and non-developed. This particular part of the Eno is managed by the Botanical Garden at UNC-Chapel Hill -- and it's really lovely with its rocks and clear water. We saw quite a number of folks fishing it during our walk last week. My husband and I were married on a different piece of this same river, so it's especially meaningful to us.

It's been delightfully RAINING this weekend -- so I know the river, as well as this dry land and our water reserves -- is being filled once again. Thank heavens!


Lorraine said...

I like the lightness and the brightness. Yes, it is frustrating not to be able to capture the original as is and I do remember well how frustrating it was to me when a watercolored dried so much lighter than I wanted it to be. I always tried to paint it to be what I wanted it to be, never remembering that it always dried lighter. But I think your Eno River came out beautifully -- lots of sun lightened it!!

caseytoussaint said...

This is beautiful, Lin! Can't you adjust the color saturation on your computer? I often have to do that because the scans/photos are so much lighter than the original.

Teri C said...

it looks so so lovely and peaceful!!

Linda said...

I remember your photos from this day! This is really a great little painting. It's very frustrating how watercolor has such a drying shift, and it is different for every pigment. Sigh. Still -- this looks REALLY great. And I hadn't noticed you being heavy handed lately ... (?)

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious! I'm so jealous of your fine work -- I've been so frustrated with mine lately.