Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tuscany Redeaux

Tuscany Redeaux
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I thought I'd give Keith's suggestion a try.

I took this page from my Raffine sketchbook. Since the paper is 100# and not watercolor, I wasn't sure how it might do. I filled a basin with water, submerged the paper, and using a sponge, gently removed the paint. As Keith said, I was left with a faint image.

While it was still wet, I added the sky, some of the mountains and a bit of foreground. When dry, I redid the trees and shrubs.

I like the lighter tones in this, though I lost a bit of the original tree types (my haste, I'm afraid!) ....still, it was an interesting experiment and one I'll use again.

Thanks so much, Keith for the smart suggestion!!!

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Teri C said...

It is so lovely Lin and I would never have known you did it by the looks. It's great that people are so helpful.