Friday, August 29, 2008

Charles' Pears

Charles' Pears
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The support and encouragement from Flickr friends just humbles me to my toes -- and I cannot thank each of you enough for your kindness and most encouraging comments.

Such support keeps me picking up that brush when I'm too tired to think, or have put in a long, difficult day -- so to you -- I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude. Each of you bless my life ...and I am ever, ever grateful.

These pears, a surprise from my husband, have a touching story I'd like to share because, like your words, they encourage me to work harder to improve my painting.

Charles is a sweet, thoughtful man, and kindly does the grocery shopping for our family -- a task, I really dislike. Somehow, no matter how many sweaters I wear, the grocery store is always so FRIGID, that after 15 minutes of strolling the aisles, I am trembling with the cold. Anyway, he went to the store to pick up a few things for dinner, and came home about as excited as a child Christmas morning. The moment he walked through the door, he handed me a plastic bag with the look on his face each of us holds when we're giving a loved one something precious and valuable, the joy showing in his wide grin.

In the bag, these three pears ... "For YOU -- he said, giggling and grinning -- "Sketch Material"! I was laughing, but he was serious --- "Look at the color! Look at the shape! Aren't they exquisite?!!"

And they were -- and so was he.

And so, the pears ... a most loving, encouraging, supportive gift ... like your words ... keep me painting.

I am beyond humbled by such grace. Thank you.


Wezz said...

What a lovely story, Lin!! Your hubby sounds like a keeper to me! The gesture of bringing you those pears tells it all. :-))

Wezz -

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet thing for Charles to do and how beautifully you told the story. But oh my Lin, Charles must fee rewarded ten times over, your painting is exquisite in detail -- the color, the shape and the contours -- just incredible. The way the colors look -- I just can't describe it -- so realistic I feel I could touch the screen and feel the smooth surface of real pears. Just absolutely incredible. You have more than arrived, you have surpassed all expectations. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo dear friend.

Deb said...

Wow...precious ( and priceless )! Beautiful still color and texture, wonderful highlights. Yummy!

Joan said...

What a wonderful story!!!He was right about those pears...what wonderful colors, and in your hands they are turned into a beautiful still life.They look so good I wish I could grab one.You never cease to amaze me that with your schedule you always seem to find the energy at night to create something lovely!

Gail said...

excellent Lin! I love the colors and the highlights on the pears. Great job.

Nita said...

Oh, Lin, I feel the same way when I get a comment, and your work is sooo beautiful! Aren't we lucky to have had Danny Gregory to boost us along this path?

Teri C said...

Such a sweetheart! Isn't it great when our husbands support us in this special way?! Gorgeous job on those pears!!!!!!!!!!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Charles is a keeper-Love the pears!
hugs, chris

Carol C said...

Wonderfu painting and more wonderful story!!! What blessings for you!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Lin - I haven't had a lot of blog-reading time lately, so I've been away from your site for a while. Your work is really amazing; the progress you've made with your art since you started this little enterprise - how many years ago? Not so many. Well, it's just astounding, and I hope you do yourself the favor and look back every now and then at your earlier work so you can enjoy the mastery you've gained over that time. I, too, liked the story of these pears, but I'll admit that I was most blown away by just how beautifully you rendered them. Cheers!

Carole said...

What a gorgeous man! Well, you've done those beautiful pears justice. They look sweet and juicy and sunkissed.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

No wonder these pears are so well done. How could you not have done such a good job with them since they have the glow of love about them. WELL DONE.

Nina said...

Your art just keeps getting better and better. These pairs are fabulous. You really must frame them with the story tucked into the back of the frame.

laura said...

And what a beautiful job you did on them! It's as if you saw the pears through Charles' excitement! That really is a great story--I'm all verklempted!