Thursday, August 28, 2008

Double Decker Tea Cup

Double Decker TeaCup
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Daily Practice

I probably have uncovered a week's worth of sketch material after my cleaning frenzy....and this double decker tea cup (it SO reminds me of English buses!!) was another 'found' object. I brought it to work so I could paint it while away from home.

Fay's rains have really given us a good soaking ... and we've 'found' a few 'leaks' in the office windows ...but the plants are REJOYCING in the ample water they've inbibed!

Last day of the workweek for me -- yahoo ....! But I wouldn't be surprised if the pile of paper I DID manage to get off my desk finds its way back there by Monday ...!

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Anonymous said...

Oh it's just beautiful Lin. And what a terrific job you did with it. Incredible detail and your lines are perfect! It's like I could just lift it off the page. Just beautiful. I'm so glad you've unearthed these treasures and are sharing them with all of us.
Hugs and Happy Long Weekend!

Deb said...

Exquisite! You've captured the delicate features oh so wonderfully!

Joan said...

I love the pansies on the teacup!!! Great job on the color and the details. You really are finding some treasures to show us!

Gail said...

Love the details. I really appreciate your blog...keep painting and posting and I'll keep reading.

Teri C said...

It's so beautiful Lin. I am glad you found all these treasures!

japochine said...

You do lovely watercolors. Love this tea set.