Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fig Tarts

Fig Tarts
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I absolutely ran out of time yesterday -- between reports and meetings all day and part of the evening and a dinner 'catch-up' and 'chill-out' with a beloved friend, and the continued chatting at the B&B, sketching was all I could do for daily practice.

I did manage to remember the fig tarts I made on the weekend, and I had several left from those I brought in for co-workers. I brought these to the B&B for Rebecca and my friend to enjoy ... and mercy, they were good, if I say so myself.

I included the recipe here in case there are ripe figs available for anyone else to enjoy. The tarts aren't overly sweet -- and the figs mixed with the tartness of the lemonade, remind me more of plums ... really really yummy!

The plan today is to continue with the writing, reports, budgets, grant frenzy and to head home late tonight to work tomorrow in a more quiet environment on a presentation due next week, 2 modules of an on-line class I"m taking in preparation of another grant writing session, writing our major disaster plans, etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

Uummm; looks yummy. Love the plate too! Whew; you make me tired just reading about your day. Stay cool and try to get some rest.

Joan said...

This looks delicious!!! You have been really busy. It amazes me that you find time to paint and post.