Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goldenrod and River

Goldenroad and River
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Daily Practice

Daylight is fading sooner and sooner these days -- readying us for the winter solstice in December. Leaving my office after 7 pm, the brightness of sunny summer days has begun to weaken...and by 8:15 pm or so, dusk has fallen and the glow of indoor lights peeks out from windows yet uncurtained. More and more I must rely on photos for my evening's practice ... such is the case here.

I chose this photo for the goldenrod and grasses -- already turning our roadsides yellow, sepia, umber and russet .... and high in the trees, the first sprinkling of yellow has flecked the tulip poplars and sycamore. While summer's heat and humidity will linger into October, signs of the fall can be seen in the nooks and crannies ... and the frenzy of harvesting vegetables and fruits for the coming cold continues.

Fay's rains will be with us for several days, and we're all hoping that our rain deficit for the last two years will be lessened significantly.


Felicity said...

Beautiful Lin! Your skies are so realistic! The light here seems to be similar. I've noticed how the signs of autumn are already showing and how the nights are drawing in. Summer seemed so quick this year - but here we've had the wettest in a long time.

Anonymous said...

We too are Finally (!) getting some much needed rain from the edges of Fay and the cooler temps are so nice! I noticed yellowed leaves fallen on the ground yesterday. Your painting is so soft and lovely and makes me feel the approach of fall -- just as it should. BRAVO.

Deb said...

Serene and peaceful.....simply lovely.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Another nice painting Lin.
Fall is in the air here also. I welcome it. I love the warm sun and the cripsness in the air. Bring it on ... ...*smile.

Joan said...

Beautiful job on that forground, Lin!!!! I hate when I start noticing the daylight hours getting shorter! As much as I love the colors and the temperatures of fall, I'll miss the summer warmth and the long days.

Teri C said...

Another beautiful peaceful scene Lin. Winter is heading this way also, so it is almost time for us to head southwest yeah!

Carol said...

Your work has become so rich and deep in these last few years of daily practice. I loved your capture of light in this.

Wezz said...

Hey Lin, I'm in awe of your talent! I can't believe how good you are at this! Way to go! Days are shortening here too, and summer, what's that in Belgium anyway?? LOL
Glad I found you again!
Wezz -

caseytoussaint said...

This is wonderful, Lin - I love the way you paint water.

Jona said...

Fantastic flowers and grass. Bravo!