Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grasses - The Forgotten Harvest

Walking along the roadsides lately, I am amazed at the abundance of seedheads produced by wildflowers and various grasses. During our evening walks, I'll often stop to pluck a few for a small bouquet ...reveling in their seemingly forgotten beauty.

We spent yesterday hunting for various house-fixing needs -- no luck finding the fabric color or pattern I was looking for - and came home ready to put our feet up and relax. I did manage to find homes for most of my former school books -- and that's a relief!

Still more to do today and next week, but C's got his group coming to jam, so I'm hoping to get some quiet painting time in before the workweek swallows me tomorrow.


Felicity said...

Beautifully done Lin - the subtle colours, especially the blend of cool and warm, just wonderful! I agree, wildflowers are overlooked but just as beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That's such a neat composition -- all neutrals -- and beautifully done, especially the vase. Enjoy today and don't even think about tomorrow all day or evening!

Deb said...

Beautiful simplicity!

Jenny said...

Love your bouquet! Beautiful and quiet.

Fabrics and patterns are never exactly what I need. I sometimes wonder if I'm looking for colors, designs, and patterns that are no longer available.

Teri C said...

These are so pretty and great way to display them.

Teresa said...

Lin, this is beautiful. Love the soft colors and muted tones. Very elegant!