Friday, August 01, 2008

Morning Glory Landscape

Morning Glory Landscape
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The blue/purple morning glories have erruped throughout our property. When I spotted this photo, I knew I had to paint it . These open in the morning-only flowers thrill me with their morning greetings -- bright, open as if they were joyously welcoming the dawn .

Morning glories were my wedding flower -- blue for the sky, the peace and calm their color represents, and for the words of songs about morning "Morning Has Broken" and the the song John Denver "In the Grand Way She Loves Me"

In the grand way she loves me,
The way she holds me close to rest with me.
And to know she is my life to me,
empty days are done, my running days are run.
For the first time I love the morning.
Burning sundowns, colored autumn trees,
Mountain rivers, country livers put my mind at ease.
And to realize such perfect harmony
I'm standing in the dawn of a new day coming on.
And I'm looking for no tomorrow.
I can still hear the lonely sound,
The engines of the midnight freight train, as it's northward bound. And to feel my life, my life slowly losing ground.
I never quite understood, though I see it for the good.
And it seems like I've just been dreaming.
The way she holds me close to comfort me
My empty days are done, my running days are run.
for the first time I love the morning,
For the first time I love the morning,
For the first time,
The first time.

Ah yes -- the Glory of the Morning!

(But don't forget the coffee!!!!)


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing those special memories along with your art. I remember singing "Morning Has Broken" during morning assembly in middle school in England. Always loved that song.

odd chick said...

And don't you love the blue of morning glories? I've always loved them and your painting is just lovely!! I can't plant them here. Did you know the seed travels and if it gets into an alfalfa field and certain other crops- it can completely destroy a whole crop?? My husband about fainted when he realized I had planted them our first spring after our marriage - right next to his alfalfa field!!

Kathleen said...

this is a great painting lots of depth -

Deb said...

This is so beautiful, Lin! I really admire your style.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love the way the flowers frame the painting. I too have always loved Morning has Broken and of course you know I'm a John Denver fan and always have been. Recently hid is biography and his autobiography and bought a DVD of the KET special on his life and music. You've gotten the morning glories perfectly!! Love the color.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, meant to say: I recently read his biography...

Teri C said...

A beautiful early peaceful morning scene!