Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rainy Day Mushroom

Rainy Day Mushroom
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Daily Practice

It rained all day yesterday, and temps were in the 70s!! Felt like fall!!!! Today, the mist shrouds everything -- but in a few hours, it will disappear and our summer humidity and high temperatures will return.

Yesterday was meetings -- but the INTENSITY of the earlier part of the week was gone and again, I am so grateful. A few more obligations -- a visit by 30-40 teachers in about 40 minutes-- another meeting -- and then home for obligations there. But the worst is over, thank heavens!

Didn't have much of a chance to hunt around for something to sketch, so I found a photograph of this mushroom that came close to looking like those I've been spotting through the last bout of rain showers.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow; what a colorful mushroom. Ours here, that I've seen anyway, are all a dull gray/white. You did a great job on the shape and color! Glad you are almost at the end of a long hard week. Hope you can get some rest this weekend.

Deb said...

You've taken a simple mushroom and made it adorable!

Hope your day is blessed!

Sandy said...

Oh I love this and I love mushrooms, why not sketch them - Very well done!!

Teri C said...

Just wonderfully done Lin!! The colors are perfect.

Joan said...

Nice colorful mushroom!!! I love how they pop up in the dampness, but the ones here aren't as lovely as this!!