Saturday, August 02, 2008

Terra Cotta Still Life with Tomatoes

What an incredible art and friendship filled day yesterday!

My friend Nancy and I got together at her amazing studio for art and chat time! There is nothing better than being able to share what you love doing with a friend you love to be with! I don't think we stopped talking all day!!

This was my first time painting in a studio where the lighting was natural and perfect and clearly illuminated all the nuances of color and shadow in the still life we set up to paint. My gracious, the difference LIGHT makes!! But of course, we all KNOW that -- but to really SEE that and experience that -- wow!

The day was such a joy!

I came home to a further extension of grace. My neighbors (the honey and zinnia growers) called to say their figs were ready for picking ... so off we went to spend some time beneath the boughs of their huge fig tree, chatting, picking and eating the sweetness of these plump, delectible fruits while the sun wound its way westward.

Home again to begin the weekend's jam and preserve making activity and to send prayers of gratitude for friends, food, art and days that are an extraordinary blessing.


Deb said...

What pretty pots! Love the depth and colors.

Joan said...

Lovely job on the posts Lin!!! Sounds like you had a great day with your friend. I'm up visiting my sister in Maine and we've been out painting a few times. The weather isn't cooperating...too cloudy and no shadows. We've had fun anyway visiting galleries and talking up a storm. It's fun to come back and see what you've posted...always great!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...


clare said...

You write beautifully Lin, and the joy you experienced shows in this painting.......Lovely!

laureline said...

So glad you had such a good day! Your sketch really communicates your happiness.

Anonymous said...

The happiness of your day is reflected in this one - it looks wonderful. :)

Toni said...

Hey Lin,

Just simply wonderful. And what a fantastic day. I loved reading about your get together. They are so much fun and filled with rich friendships and memories.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin, this is an extraordinary still life. The light and company must have stimulated that "little bit extra" that sometimes makes us feel our muse is right on our shoulder. This is just wonderful with its richness in colors and all the details. Bravo!!!

Teri C said...

This painting is just fabulous Lin!!!! Fabulous!

Felicity said...

The tomatoes look so realistic as if I could reach out and take one of the table - incredible!