Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blogger Award!

Blogger Award!
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A little more than six years ago, I began my visual art journey thru the medium of collage - and in so doing, met a wonderful friend - Wezz - from Belgium.

As part of my collaging experience, I fell head over heels in love with decorative paper napkins as a collage element - I love them for some of the most incredible artwork and, once placed and glued, their translucency (yes, I NOW see where it lead me!! LOL) Wezz and I probably exchanged a TON of GORGEOUS napkins over the years ... (I still have them --and still LOVE them!!! LOL)

When I moved from collage to sketching and watercolor and Wezz moved on to jewelry making, Wezz and I kept in touch only periodically - but ran into one another again through this incredible Internet web ...!

Wezz was given this award for her wonderful blog ( and she most generously passed the award to me!

So I'd like to say, THANk YOU, WEZZ!!!

And keep blogging!!!

I am supposed to pass this award to five other folks, but have the darndest time choosing only five -- so I'd like to award it to those on my blogroll ( and my contacts at Flickr, and thank each of you for being some of the most CREATIVE folks in the world!

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Felicity said...

Well deserved Lin!!