Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crocus - Hoping for the Warmth

It's 10F this morning. The pipes upstairs are frozen -- as am I ...

When I got home from my terrific painting day yesterday (it is always SO GOOD to paint with friends!!), my sweet husband had rigged a heater in the garage for the kitties ... and that act of kindness just about made me sob!

It's been so deeply cold and I cannot fathom how folks further north with temps in the minuses cope with it. Mercy.

So today, crocus ... a hope for warmer weather soon!! When I left the arboretum earlier this week, I spotted the leaves of several crocus and hyacinth poking through the ground. I don't know if they'll survive this bitter weather ...

I'm off to the trade show portion of the conference. The blooming, greenhouse grown plants will brighten the day ... but it will be a mighty cold one nonetheless.

Stay warm .. stay safe.


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely Lin and no "needed" during this bitter weather! We are hoping for 32 today - a heat wave. So sorry about your pipes and hug Charles for me for warming the kitties!

Teri C said...

Beautiful and so springy, just what we all need.

Joan said...

I love when these start poking out of the ground. They are such a nice sign of spring to come. Thanks for giving us that gift with this painting!!! I stopped complaining about the cold here when my sister told me it was -14 yesterday by her in Maine. I'm glad Charles is keeping the kitties warm.