Sunday, January 11, 2009

Door and Planter

Door and Planter
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Daily Practice

A long day yesterday -- but glad it went well and the students were cooperative --

It's rainy and foggy this morning -- and warm. C has his jam later this afternoon, so the house will be filled with music ...

I've a few errands to catch up on especially since I'll be out of town again next week at a conference ... so today, rest, work a bit and paint!

Hope you have a quiet Sunday too!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Well back to business for you eh? Glad everything went smothly for you... Sounds like it'll be a great day for you guys... wish I was there to hear the music... Wonderful painting...


Teri C said...

Youare the queen of doorways Lin! So lovely.

Joan said...

LOVE the door and planter!!!! I had only 2 minutes to come check a blog, and I knew yours would be worth it!!!! Thanks for sharing such great work all the time.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely door. I especially like the feathery foliage feel and the beautiful detailed pot. Here's hoping you never run out of ideas to paint! It's such delight each day to see what you've posted.