Friday, January 09, 2009


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Daily Practice

After three weeks without students on campus, classes began yesterday, and the parking lots, halls, rooms were overflowing with people and the kind of sound that vibrates with energy. And while I love all that activity, there's something to be said about the calm and slower-pace of far less crowded times on the campus.

I sketched these marigolds thinking of the seeds waiting to be planted by our students. In four short months, our greenhouses will be filled with color and scent ... and the thought cheers me ... though moving from a vision to fruition -- seed to flower -- reminds me that there's a 'tad' bit of work involved! LOL

Here's to dreaming of flowers!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are beautiful. I can see right into the depth of the flower. It makes me want to stick my nose into the center. I can almost feel the pollen on my nose.

Teresa said...

Lin, these are truly beautiful. I can really see a difference in your paintings of late. Attending the workshops - but more importantly - your diligence, dedication and willingness to learn, are all really paying off. I'm so happy for you... and so proud of you!

Joan said...

Lin - Just a "tad" bit of work went into this painting too!!! You made a simple flower look so elegant!! Well done!