Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oxford Field on a Gray Morning

Rain, cold, overcast, gloomy -- what a day to take Mom to the airport for her return trip to Florida. The gloom matched my mood, though, and as we passed this neighborhood field, I snapped a photo to paint -- the scuttling clouds, damp field, forlorn looking haybales - yep, sure felt like me!

Mom got home safely and by late yesterday afternoon, the sun was breaking through the clouds and my mood lifted somewhat - despite the echo in the house!

Today begins the 'getting ready for normal' again - laundry, packing bags, readying meals for the week. January is especially crammed with work obligations -- I'll be teaching on two weekends and will have to miss my grandson's 4th birthday, I'm out of town for a conference, then out of town again for my grandchild's birth. So today, in preparation of all those running arounds, I"m grounding myself at home, doing a few chores, and spending some time painting. January promises to be a time-challenged month!!

Thank you all too for your comments yesterday. I must admit that I have a lot to learn about art and abstracts I truly appreciate your words!


Teresa said...

Love the quiet, pensive nature of this painting. Looks like an invitation for a thoughtful walk.

Re: January... sounds like you plan to hit the ground running... don't forget to take your vitamins!

Joan said...

Lin - Doesn't it feel empty after company is gone? Sounds like you have a busy schedule coming up. I'm glad that no matter what, you find time to paint. I love your NC field, even if the morning is gray! Enjoy your last day off before the madness begins again!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely rendered. Those round bales are hard to do. I love the moodiness of the whole painting even though I generally like a brighter painting! One can feel your emotions.

Teri C said...

Doesn't it make you wonder if you feel down because you are or because the weather brings you down. A lovely painting Lin.

trish said...

Just found your blog (from Jana's blog) I am really enjoying your art:) plus it looks like you have MANY new links to keep me busy for a good while!!
Glad to have found you

Linda said...

Oh, I really like this one! And January sounds sooo busy ... how do you ever do it?

Sioux said...

Love the purple of the last post as well as this one of the field and sky. Happy New Year...don't push yourself too much.

LOVE oxoxoxox