Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quiet Waters

Quiet Waters
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Unlike yesterday and probably today, this skech was done more from my mind and wish foro stillness and quiet than from the constant busyness and demands of yesterday. I began sketching this on Sunday and finished it late last night after a 12 hour day of back to back meetings, phone calls, and trying to find my desk under the paperwork.

Today is registration -- all morning, afternoon and evening .. so I'll be scarce again ... I'll get back to viewing your wonderful artwork once things settle a bit.

It's raining and gloomy ... good thing there's coffee!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Lin...love your reflections, so well done! I'm so into water lately and this just grabbed my attention....and admiration.

Joan said...

Lin - WONDERFUL play of light across the water. I love the reflections!!! This is such a calming scene...you need to come back to it to calm yourself in the middle of your busy days.

Sandy said...

And oh Lin is this sketch ever peaceful and calm - Print it out and gaze for a minute every hour or so -

Teri C said...

It is beautiful and restful. I wish restfulness for you also.

Teresa said...

OH LIN!!!!!!!!!!!! This has to be one of your best ever. It is flat out GORGEOUS!!! Or, as you might say WOWZA WOWZA!!!

Bonny said...

It's gloomy here, too. This painting is cheerful and reminds us faireer days are coming (I can hardly wait!)
Lovely painting, Lin!

Good luck with the pressures of work in the next while.