Thursday, January 08, 2009


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Daily Practice

Mercy, what a wind yesterday!!! There were several times I thought we'd all have to abandon the mobile unit and seek shelter!! Winds from 40 mph to 65 mph were clocked, and the water-logged pines under which we work, were clacking together and bending in two -- whew.

This morning, there are a limbs littering the parking lot and trails, and folks lost power in parts of the state, but thank heavens, we're all okay.

We left the office in a hurry last night -- the sky had turned a menancing black, purple and pink, and dark enough to be midnight -- my wee Prius I suppose is heavier than it looks, and made it to the much sturdier B&B in good shape -- and far earlier than I have all week.

I decided to sketch something a bit more cheerful, warmer, and DRYER -- since we've been having a ot of rain as well!

Radishes remind me that spring can't be too far off - and for us here at the Arboretum,we've already received our seeds for the spring plant sale.

Classes start today -- so we're in full 'run' mode!

Stay safe and warm ...!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad you are safe. Our mature pine trees blew down is such a storm last winter.

MMmmmm those radishes look yummy.

Teresa said...

Never seen any radishes in the grocery store that look as appetizing as yours! Love the yellowy green on the leaves. Great job!

Teri C said...

oh boy, radishes!! So pretty and springy!

Joan said...

Glad you didn't blow away in those winds! This looks yummy...creat contrast of the leaves and the red radishes. Nice work!!