Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rose in Snow - Teri's Challenge / A Day For History

History is being made today with the inauguration of President Obama ... Living on the southern route to Washington DC, our roadsigns have been proclaiming 'traffic alerts' for weeks ....

To add to this historic moment, it is SNOWING - an event that hasn't happened in the coast and piedmont of North Carolina for several years!

I know the snow will make traveling to DC even more challenging than the traffic produced by thousands of folks heading there, and I hope for their safety. Our schools are closed and the inaugural events scheduled at the school have been cancelled.

Still, the child in me is so enjoying "my own' snowfall!

My dear blogging friend, Teri, posted an incredible winter rose photo from her friend who agreed to allow us to paint it ... Teri offered the photo as a challenge -- and I so enjoyed two of my favorite subjects -- flowers AND snow! (See the original photo on Teri's Flickr here: www.flickr.com/photos/teridc/3195909898/).

I tried using salt to effect the frost, but for some reason, I couldn't make that work well enough -- so, I resorted to a bit of masking and my incredible Bombay India Ink.

I'm hoping to get out of the house when the sun rises to take a few photos for painting references. If I turn on the outside lights, I can see the snow softly falling...

What a day for history!


Teri C said...

Wow Lin, you did a fabulous job on this rose!! Just beautiful. I'm so happy you did it and led the way for the rest of us.

It is indeed an auspicious day in American history.

Joan said...

Lin - Don't you feel proud today? I got so choked up watching the inauguration earlier today. I wish this administration many blessings as they work for us, and may they encourage all of us to work together.

I can't believe you had snow. We had some Sunday night so I grabbed my camera and took lots of photos on Monday...landscapes, snowy bushes, kids sledding...Lots of future paintings.

The rose is beautiful!!! I think the ink adds to it nicely.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Lin what an incredible idea -- a sight one would seldom see. Your painting is absolutely incredible and beautiful. I applaud your talent which I know was hard won with daily practice. And what a fitting tribute to an historic day. I hope this is the first in a long line of breaking barriers and coming together in peace for all people.

Teresa said...

Your snow tipped rose is simply gorgeous!