Monday, January 05, 2009

Snow at Sunrise

Snow at Sunrise
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Back to the routine today and a super-busy week. I'll be tied up in professional development all day and an instructor's meeting this evening, so computer time will be scarce ... ah, retirment seems so far away!

This scene is based on a photo of a snowy sunrise. It's 9" x 12" and I used Bombay India Ink for the snow on the trees. (I haven't found another ink that works as well - Bombay is thick enough to remain white on the absorbant cp paper). I added bits of fine glitter too to enhance some of the crystaline properties I wanted. There's more glitter on the original than can be seen in the scan.

I hope everyone has a great day! I will be missing the leisure I"ve had to paint and think and walk and dream .. I'll be back to sketching until there's more time --


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the color in this sketch. I don't know what Bombay Ink or CP paper is but you work good on/with it.

squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Great sketch this morning LOVE IT!!! For some reason I have a few minutes of internet right now so I wanted to get on and comment on as many as I could... It's hard getting back into routine isn't it... I already miss the holidays... Have a good one...


Joan said...

I've never heard of Bombay ink, but it seems perfect for the snow. I like the shadowed area below the trees. This is lovely and is probably even better IRL! Don't work to hard...retirement was one of the best decisions I ever made...and I still can't find enough time in the day. lol

Teri C said...

Wow, this just glows!!! Beautiful.

Carole said...

This is beautiful, Lin! You seem to be trying out lots of new ideas, and my goodness they are working. I like the soft colours.
I love your Italy picture below too - that's probably one of my favourites. That little splash of colour in the fields, and the wonderful colour streaks in the sky - beautifully done!