Thursday, January 15, 2009


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BRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It's FREEZING outdoors and going to be worse tomorrow!

We made it to the conference and had a superb and relaxing dinner -- even got in a bit of a walk afterwards.

We're leaving for classes shortly, and I'm bundled in sweatshirt and down jacket - I hope the rooms are warm since the temps have really dipped into the 20s and falling.

We have no snow -- though I do wish if it were going to be this cold outside, we'd at least have a bit of the white stuff.

Be careful outside - and stay warm!


Teresa said...

Lin wishing for snow? Surely I must be dreaming? ;-)

Love your snow painting... so fresh, clear and sparkly!

Teri C said...

BRRR, you made it look perfect for cold! Makes me shiver. Stay warm.

Joan said...

That's a nice, wintry looking scene!!! We had a bit of snow, but it's too cold to go out and enjoy it. I would have liked to go out and take some photos, but I think not. Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

This one makes me so cold -- surely the sign of a very successful painting -- I can feel the barren cold atmosphere --- another great Lin painting! I love seeing the "tree skeletons" this time of year; they are so artistic!