Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snowstorm - Oxford NC

Snowstorm - Oxford NC
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This is the view from my porch yesterday -- the first significant snowstorm we had in four years. Schools were closed as were some businesses. Today, the threat of black ice and refreezing of the slush from yesterday's melt has closed the schools and businesses again . YAHOO!

And with the snow, two days to join the celebrations and hopes for our new president. I spent the day between the camera shutter, art table and television watching as millions of others from around the world experienced history being made and the spirit of our country rise and soar. Momentous!

We join our President in hope, pledge, and prayers for the wisdom to lead us out of the mess we're in, to truly bring about the changes so desperately needed and desired.

What a day! What a moment in time!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin.... What a beautiful post... I LOVED your painting today... and you sentiments were wonderful... I agree 1000%... Stay Warm


Teresa said...

Yes.... more snow!!!! Great job, Lin. With snow as a subject, how could it not be a great painting? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful scene and so perfectly rendered. I love how you've attained an almost photographic quality to the snow and yet it retains all the qualities of a beautiful water color. BRAVO!

After today, we are going to get two days of warm-up (a time to run out and do essential things) and then the ice and snow resume. Enjoy your "vacation" and paint, paint, paint!

Joan said...

Lin - What a perfect view!!! You painted it perfectly!!! Did you take LOTS of photos? I took about 140 snow photos the other day!

Teri C said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lin. At first I thought you posted a photo of your snow.

Sandy said...

Lovely Bright scenery - we are having a very snowy winter here in the NE too.

Laureline said...

How fantastic, Lin! And how ambitious! You put me to shame--I only managed a sketch of an Obama dog and flag-bedecked cupcakes our local deli was offering on that day!
Wonderful, wonderful work.